Feb 16 2019

2015 Maryland State Open Champions

Kristin Grogan and Todd Loffredo win Open Doubles via double dip

You got that right, not Open Mixed (we'll get there in a moment) but Open Doubles! I believe this is Kristin's, at least, second Open Doubles title. She's setting a new standard for women in a male dominated sport. Not mention Todd's over the hill these days (that's a joke!). Whenever I mention top players I always say Tony or Ryan, but Todd can certainly hold his own and for the last 20+ years.

Tony Spredeman and Fe Rettazzini win Open Mixed

I didn't get to see any of their matches, but I did get to meet Fe for the first time and she's incredibly nice.

But Tony Spredeman re-invented the 5bar and rollover into something amazing. You can watch all the videos you want but when you're head to head against Tony on a table it's a whole different story, everything goes by so fast it's unbelievable. His 5bar makes me feel like I'm a beginner.

Ryan Moore defeats Tony in Open Singles

What can I say? The kidz got skillz. Pull or rollover, one of the few players that I know that can switch to either and be just as effective. I'm personally more afraid of his "Chuck Norris" then his rollover.... who else can claim the World Record of unsuccessful block attempts at 16 in a row, in tournament.

Special thanks to Chun Lee, Chris Forest, Mary Moore and the crew for running the show.

It's a lot of work to put on an event like this. Promoting foosball is a thankless job. Next time you see any of these people let me them you had a good time. I certainly did.

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